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Parent(s) tell me something you learned about during this Open House.  How do you feel this new technology has helped your child?

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Well we have a lot to brag about these days. My students and I successfully won the Promethean Video Film Festival Contest. This honor was voted on by all the users on This honor comes with a great surprise we actually get a brand new Promethean Board and projector which means the one in my classroom will go to another teacher in our building. Thanks to all who voted!!!!!!

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My students and I would like to congratulate Mr. Haney of Rocky Hill Elementary. We have decided to that we would like to suggest a few pieces of technology that my students and I enjoyed this year.

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Thank you to everyone who voted for our video Old School vs. Activ School. I think based on the poll results that our view won in our category. We will know on Tuesday. So check back then!!!!

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Don’t forget if you have not yet voted for our classroom video Old School vs. Activ School please do so by this Friday.  Voting ends at midnight.  Here is the link just in case you haven’t voted yet or if you would like to pass this link on to other who would possibly vote for our classroom please do so.  Lets all cross our fingers and toes that we can win a new Promethean board for our classroom!!!!!

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For those of you who are unaware tomorrow is the 4oth Anniversary of the first Earth Day Celebration.  I want to know what you are going to do to make a difference.  Not just tomorrow but in your daily life.  I asked Jackson, my four year old, what he was going to do for Earth Day and he said the following “I’m going to cut the lights off to save energy, I’m not going to let the water run while I brush my teeth, and I’m going to pick up trash to keep Earth clean.”  Now if I four year old can think like this I would love to hear what you all are going to do to protect Earth.  Let me know your thoughts.

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Recently Mr. Dixon and I entered a contest put on by Promethean. We created a video showing how my students use the Acitvboard and Expression in class. The company selects the best ones in each of two categories, and I’m proud to announce that we were selected as one of the top three in the country in our category – How Does the ActivClassroom Bring Your Class to Life?

Now, from this point, the final winner is chosen by online votes. So, please go to:

and vote for us!! The voting has a few steps (to avoid students voting a zillion times, darn it).

To see ours, click on the middle tab – Class to Life Nominations – and you’ll see us – Old School VS Activ School

So vote today and tell as many people as possible about it!!!!!!

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Today we are going to have a mock TCAP at Gresham within the sixth grade.  We will be simulating procedures for the actual TCAPS.  We will be practicing annotating on the text, our +, -, ? technique and many other test taking strategies.  Take your time and try your best!!!  Happy THINK LINKING!

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Sorry it’s taken me so long to post on my blog.  Things have been crazy here in the classroom as all of you know.  I hope you are enjoying the activities that we are doing with the technology this week in class. Please let me know what your favorite activity is and why.

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So what are your thoughts on making flipcharts?  You have now interacted with the inspire software.  What are your thoughts?  What did you do to set your flipchart apart from everyone elses?

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