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Today I attended a workshop that helped me decide to purchase a Promethean Active Board for my classroom. I also purchased 32 Promethean ActiveExpression student response systems, which are similar to a cell phone in retrospect that you can text in your answers. Both of these are great tools for science classrooms and my students are going to love them!!!!

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So this is what my room looks like now…it’s kind of sad even though I know that it’s going to be amazing when it’s all finished.

Blank Wall

New Smart Board

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Today a crew of more than 10 Knox County maintenance workers and their supervisors came in and discussed my vision for my new classroom, after which they started demolishing my classroom.
Out with the old
Heavy lifting required
The destruction team breaking down the old room
This space available for a new smart board

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Here is the video that my students produced as our entry in the Extreme Classroom Makeover competition. I was so proud of the job they did!

And here is my classroom before the  Extreme Makeover began. Can’t wait to see how it will all turn out!

Ms. Alvey's Classroom before the makeover began

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A contingent from Oak Ridge Associated Universities—led by ORAU Interim President Homer Fisher—made an unannounced appearance, delivering flowers, balloons and the great news that my class was the winner of a $25,000 Extreme Classroom Makeover.

Here’s the video of the award presentation:

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