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Thank you to the following families for making donations to Adopt iPod Covers. We had enough money left that I was able to purchase a $10 iTunes Gift Card, which will enable me to purchase apps for the iTouches,  and headphone splitters so that all the classes may have access to using the iPods. They may just have to share with a friend which I don’t think some of them will mind.
Thank you again to the following families:
Turner Family
Trewhitt Family
Brown Family
Haught Family
Marsh Family
Green Family
Day Family
Acuff Family
Cate Family
Loveday Family
Davis Family

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You guys have a notebook check and a water cycle quiz tomorrow….we will be trying to use the expressions again to take this quiz!!!!! Check the Gresham Website to see my running Table of Contents

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Well today was definitely a day to laugh and the good and bad harmony that went into singing the water cycle song.  The class that I selected as the best presentation and sound was…..5th period…Congrats guys the videos will be loaded sometime next week!!!!!

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So last week was amazing.  I know based on your blog comments and your comments in class you all really loved using the iPod Touch to watch a video and take notes in class.  I am working on loading a video that Mr. Dixon shot during several of my classes to show on this blog so stay tuned and check back often.

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Today I got to watch my students use one of the key pieces of technology in my classroom, the iPod Touch. Watching their excitement as they viewed a video about food chains and took notes was great. Students were starting and stopping the video and backing it up so that they could take good notes and possibly revisit something they didn’t understand. This has been a moment I have been waiting on since school started and it was amazing to watch. I feel like my students are able to really get what they need out of this activity and it makes me really excited that I was able to help accomplish such a small yet amazing process. THANKS ORAU!!!!!

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Ok today was the first day that you got to use the Activexpressions to take a quiz. What did you think about using these instead of taking the quiz on a piece of paper?

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This week we are going to get a chance to view a video on the iPods about Ecology and you will have an opportunity to start and stop them and take C-Notes.  Once you have finished let me know your thoughts on getting to use the iPods and take notes.

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So tell me how your interactive notebook is helping you this year in Science. Do you like it? Has it helped you stay organized with all of your work? Is there anything you don’t like about using the INB?

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