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So you all have made quite an impression this year with all of the activities and technology you use in class. Here is what I want to know: How do you think this technology has helped you in Science? Please put forth some effort in your responses. I really want to know your thoughts on all of this cool stuff we have.

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Today a group of 30 students are going to learn how to create their very own audio podcast.  These students will then take what they have learned and teach their classmates how to complete this easy task.  Like I said before making a podcast is so easy my four year old can and has done it.  Happy Podcasting!!!!!

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Hey Guys!

I just wanted to let you in on a little secret I found out today.  I was voted one of Gresham’s Teacher’s of The Year by the faculty and staff at Gresham.  I’m sure that they never would have done this had they not seen and heard about all the amazing things we have been doing this year in class.  All of these things would never have been possible without all of your guys energy and enthusiasm exerted in class.  THANKS GUYS!!!!!

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I have created two podcasts for all of you about how to create your very own podcasts.  Please view the two podcasts located on my Gresham Middle School blog.  I am going to try and upload them to this site also.   So stay tuned.  Happy blogging and podcasting!!!!!!

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Hey guys,
I just attended a workshop about Skype and Voicethread. These are two great sites that we are going to be using in the near future to interact with people all over the world. Let me know your thoughts on who you would like to Skype with and why. For those of you who don’t know what Skype is that is where you can communicate on the computer or via cell phone with people all over the world and it’s free…..even better!!!!

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I am about to start my workshop called Making Education Stick. I will let you know how it goes!!!!

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This class was amazing.  I am currently learning how to make a podcast and edit it at the same time.  You all are going to love this.  I will be posting information very soon so that you can start studying the materials so that you will understand how this whole process works.  STAY TUNED

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One thing that I learned from attending this class is that I already have the capability to start my paperless classroom through Gresham’s website. We already use the class blogs and we are going to start using the quiz option to take quizzes online and I am going to allow you all to upload a homework assignment very soon. These two options are going to be extremely easy to use and I think you are going to enjoy them. I will keep you posted about tomorrows class. Using Wikis and Podcasts. I’m sure I going to learn some amazing things!!! Don’t forget…BEHAVE

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I am about to go into my first session called the paperless classroom. I will let you know how it goes.

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DSC02810Well I have arrived and the weather is amazing compared to Knoxville.  It’s currently 53 which is amazing compared to the 17 degree weather I left behind in Knoxville.  I will be post information about my workshops tomorrow but enjoy the couple of pictures I took on my way to Orlando.  AND BEHAVE!!!!!!

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