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My students and I would like to congratulate Mr. Haney of Rocky Hill Elementary. We have decided to that we would like to suggest a few pieces of technology that my students and I enjoyed this year.

77 Responses to “Congratulations to Mr. Haney”
  1. kelsey varner says:

    I like the active expressions ! They make learning fun !(:

  2. Tyra Turner says:

    I think you should get the ipod touches.

  3. Jared Huskey says:

    you should buy I-Pod touches.your students can take notes without making noise.

  4. shayna lowery says:

    I think you need to buy the Ipods and the active board and maybe the document camera(we only used it like 3 thimes) but its cool.

  5. Isobel Ulbricht says:

    I am so happy that you won it Mr.Haney! With the money, I think you should buy active expressions because that is the number one thing I love the most about the money that Ms. Alvey spent. With the active expressions, you can see how many people put in one answer and then talk about it. I hope you use the money well!

  6. Bethany barba says:

    I think that you should purchase the ipods they are very useful for waching video’s or looking things up

  7. Jared Huskey says:

    buy the I-Pod touches.your students can take notes without making noise.

  8. Jacob Turpin says:

    I think Mr.Haney should I-pod touches so he can take cornell notes and have his students to look up things on the internet that is educational congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Emily King says:

    I really liked using the Ipods, I have one at home it is very fun to use. It does make the room silent when we use it, I know the teacher must love that!It helps me focus more in class,because I can think better without everyone talking.

  10. Emiah Sankey says:

    i think the best thing to buy is the active board. i think that most of your students would like to be able to be active during class,and to be able to work together on a problem on the board or other things like that.

  11. hey,i think you should get expressions.but, i think they only work with an active board….i’m not exactly sure.i think you should get them because kids really enjoy them (the kids in my class anyway).you can take test on them can text answers or you can pick A,B,C,or D…..its really fun!

  12. Dustin Kerney says:

    I think you should purchase the Activ Expressions because it is an easier way to ask the kids what they think is the right answer and it wont say who got it wrong so the kid may not feel embarassed!

  13. Harrison S. says:

    I think that you need to buy the Ipod touches. they are fun and awesome especially when you do research.

  14. Nick T. says:

    You should buy iPod touches, they are an interactive way to teach the students.

  15. anonymous says:

    ipods and activboard and active expressions they are awesome and congrats on the grant

  16. Taylor Pritchett says:

    I think that he should get activ expressions and ipod touches because they have influenced me with science throughout this year.

  17. blake walker says:

    you should get the ipod touches everyone in my class loves them. later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😐 P.S. I LIKE PIE.

  18. brandon says:

    get ipods

  19. jordan raby /starfire says:

    I think you should get i pods touch I mean there fun i guss. good luck.

  20. m.whaley says:

    i think you should get the activ expressions also another suggestion would be getting the activ board because its a great way to do flipcharts and learning easy when its right in front of you.The ipods are good for the verbal science book instead of reading and for taking cornell notes.You could also play games in the spare time if you wanted.All of these gadgets are extremely fun.I would recommend them all if you had enough money.I hope you enjoy whatever you spend it on,congrats!

  21. matthew bales says:

    i think you probably should get some laptops and activexpresions. plus an active board

  22. stephen trewhitt says:

    they should get the ipod touches because it makes learning a whole lot funner.

  23. nicole cox says:

    yes i think that the ipod would be the best for like videos and notes. but the active board would be best for class!!!

  24. Lane Cook says:

    I would have to say my favorite peice of tech ic the desktops. I have done flip charts, reports, and papers.

  25. amanda mynatt says:

    i think you should get the ipods there are really fun and there are to help the kids to learn more and i no they will love them!

  26. Lauren rupeka says:

    I love the ipods.