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Today’s reveal was amazing! The students really seemed to enjoy all the new pieces of technology in my new room. I can’t wait for all of my students to see it tomorrow at the ice cream social!!!!

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Today is THE DAY—the big reveal! I am so excited and so nervous at the same time. I think that everyone is going to be amazed and very excited about what the future holds for this classroom and the students within it.

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Today was an amazing day in my classroom.  All of the student work surfaces were installed along with new round tables and some really cool stools to use at the computer work stations.  Everything arrived except for my new desk 🙁

Check out the pictures of my almost complete classroom.  I am starting to see the big picture and am so excited about school starting in a couple of weeks!!!

The Science Graffiti Mural

One Sweet Looking Science Class

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When my husband and I walked into my classroom tonight all we could say was WOW!!! The muralist, Gayle, did an amazing job with my classroom walls.  I think my students are going to love it.  I can’t wait to see their faces and hear what they have to say about how my classroom looks.

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Well, today was quite a sticky situation, to say the least. I got so excited when I went into the back door of my classroom that I didn’t realize that the tile guys put glue on the floor. Needless to say, I ended up on the ground stuck to the floor yelling for help. Thank goodness I finally got myself unstuck, but I left a blueprint of my body on the floor for the tile guys. Sorry no pictures of this for you to view 🙁

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Today I attended a workshop that helped me decide to purchase a Promethean Active Board for my classroom. I also purchased 32 Promethean ActiveExpression student response systems, which are similar to a cell phone in retrospect that you can text in your answers. Both of these are great tools for science classrooms and my students are going to love them!!!!

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Here is the video that my students produced as our entry in the Extreme Classroom Makeover competition. I was so proud of the job they did!

And here is my classroom before the  Extreme Makeover began. Can’t wait to see how it will all turn out!

Ms. Alvey's Classroom before the makeover began

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A contingent from Oak Ridge Associated Universities—led by ORAU Interim President Homer Fisher—made an unannounced appearance, delivering flowers, balloons and the great news that my class was the winner of a $25,000 Extreme Classroom Makeover.

Here’s the video of the award presentation:

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