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You can’t have enough protection. Today, my ipad, ipod, and laptop protective cases arrived. When you’re dealing with students and technology, you better have something that separates the machine from the floor or really good insurance. I was very fortunate because I found a great site with prices up to 80% cheaper than market price. With the money I saved, I was able to buy more hardware. Now, I am just waiting for the good stuff to arrive.

Flatscreen TV

Today, we mounted a 32 inch flatscreen TV on my classroom wall. I know what your thinking….why only 32 inches? Why not buy the 40+ inch model. Well, I thought the larger models would be to0 flashy for a simple fifth grade room so I went with the smaller but modern looking version. The TV will be used to watch our morning news show, play our wii, used with the mac mini, educational karaoke screen, and more!

A Little Paint Goes a Long Way

Last week, my brother, father, and I did some remodeling. We started out by painting some of the furniture I already had black.

Next, we built and painted a new desk and a shelf for the iPads, iPod Touches, and Notebooks.

How to Stretch $25,000

Spending money is fun! Trying to stretch money is hard work. Every time I think I have my order down, I read or see something that completely changes it. Newest idea: switch the $2000 on activexpression (they do run nicely with active inspire) to  five more iPod touches to complete a class set of iPads/iPod touches and purchase the eclicker response system app for 29.99. Instead of having 25 voting devices I could have 5 more “do everything” devices.

Positives: 2,00o to 1,030 dollars, students master one system, take clickers anywhere we go because the host could be placed on my iPad, and they are so much cooler

Negatives: apps don’t run as smoothly as activexpressions

Winner: iPod Touches!

Letters To ORAU

After winning the Extreme Classroom Makeover, the students and I decided to write thank you letters to ORAU and Mr. Page. ORAU was very excited about the letters and enjoyed reading them all! Take a look letters the students wrote by clicking here; Letters.

-Mr. Haney

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