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Making News

Today, the students were featured in the Knoxville News Sentinel. Thanks to Mrs. Boyd who came in and interview the students. We were all very excited to see the paper this morning. If you missed it, here is the link. There is some negative chatter at the bottom of the page so beware. People have the right to their own opinion. Who really knows if technology is the way of the future for education. All I know is that I am very thankful for the opportunity ORAU has given my students and every morning I come into my class feeling truly blessed!

Coupon Kick-off

Coupon books are here. At Rocky Hill, we try to get the students pumped up to sell the books by having a big kick-off. Take a look at the video my students recorded from the event by going to my class blog.

Back Channeling and the Civil War

Everyone likes to talk during a movie. At the same time, no one likes to watch a movie while someone is talking. To solve the problem, the students watched a Civil War movie from United Streaming while “talking” in a chat on the iPad. The students were able to watch and interact with the movie without disrupting the rest of the class. To help monitor the center, I had a parent volunteer, Mrs. Draper, make sure the students stayed on topic and keep it school appropriate. Even though there were some flaws, the students enjoyed chatting during the movie rather than sitting and staring.

The app I used was Chat Lite. This is a free app and only allows a certain number of letters. It also will randomly kick you out of the chat. This center would of worked great if I could find a dependable back channel to use. If you have any ideas please leave a comment. It would be greatly appreciated.

Learning with the World pt. 2

If you haven’t checked out EPALS, your students are missing a world of learning. I started using EPALS last year, and my students enjoyed getting to know students from places like France and Slovenia. This year the students have emailed students in Germany and Kansas. We have a couple of other schools but we are waiting for their school year to start. If you are looking for an educational tie in to account for the time, you could use it for letter writing, research projects, interview skills, history lessons, culture building, and much more. I am looking forward to my students collaborating with the Germany students when we get into the World Wars later on this year. I highly recommend taking the time to check out EPALS. It is definitely worth the investment and the children will love it, guaranteed.

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