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Tennessee Tech Kids Episode 2

Take a listen to our second episode of Tennessee Tech Kids. This podcast features Elena, Caleb, and Marcy.
Technology Time Week 2

From Seed to Stomach

One of the hardest things to do is teach someone how to do something that you have no idea how to do. The class and I started a garden at the beginning of year because I have always wanted to grow something and eat it. After several weeks, 14 to be exact, the students and I enjoyed the fruits of our labor. With the help of Mrs. Draper, we ate our broccoli and green onions in a delicious broccoli casserole at our school’s Thanksgiving lunch.


Exchanging Culture

Our friends in Japan are learning how to speak English so they made us a video to practice what they have learned and to show us some of their culture. In return we made a video to help aid with their english lessons and to show a part of our Tennessee culture.

To view videos click here.

Find Us On iTunes


The students’ first podcast has been approved for itunes! I am still working on getting the podcast cover on, but it sounds great. I am really proud of the students for trying something new and putting their voices out there for anyone who wants to hear. Click on the link below to subscribe to the podcast or to download the first episode. Support our students by posting a positive comment in iTunes.

Tennessee Tech Kids Episode 1

Adaptation Glog

The students created their own glogs, online posters, to show some animals’ adaptations. Take a look at Jack and Olivia’s glog by cliciking…. glog.


Take a look at our EPALS from Kenya’s powerpoint on their school. We are in the process of making ours for them and I will post it this week.

Writing with Kansas

My class has met some amazing people this year, and our friends from Kansas are at the top of the list. Recently, we worked on fictional narratives with Mrs. Addis and her fifth grade class. Even though the students are close to a thousand miles apart, they had to work together to come up with a spooky story. After the students finished, we put the students’ work into wordles. The students got a good look at what words they were over using because the wordle will enlarge them. Some of the students recorded their stories on podcasts. You can listen to them by going to their blogs. Take a look at their writing wiki by clicking here.

Take a look at the wordle by clicking here.

Making Commercials

Last week, my after school club, K-Kids, made a couple of commercials to advertise our “Coats for the Cold” promotion. The students used our new flip video cameras, iMovie, and our homemade green screen to make the commercials. The green screen did not work that great in some of the scenes so we had to use picture in picture to compromise.  The students had a great time making the videos and the editing was very simple because of iMovie. The videos do not work on the ORAU blog but you can see them by going to my class blog. Take a look at the commercials by clicking here.

Great Site

Looking for a great site to compare countries? Well, look no further. is a great site for comparing countries to the United States. We have had some interesting conversation looking at our EPAL friends’ countries. One of the best aspects of this website is the ratio picture of the comparing country to America. Sometimes I forget how big America is compared to other countries. Take a look at this great site by clicking here.

Here is a screen shot of the comparison of one of our EPAL friend’s country.

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