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Skyping with France

The students have been Epaling (pen pals on the internet) with a class from Lyon, France since the beginning of the year. The students write to their friends once a week but they have never  met face to face. Today, the students got to finally meet their 4,000 miles away friends. The conversations were short because their French friends have only been speaking English for 2 years. I hope the students remember this day for a long time. I know I will!


A Real Survivor


We had the honor of having a Mr. Pace. speak to our students this week. Mr. Pace spent 4 years in a concentration camp at the age of 14. His story was not only eye-opening but inspiring. I cannot even image what this man has seen and heard. Mr. Pace considers himself blessed and lucky to be alive. After years of being confined and tortured, Mr. Pace has gone on to live an amazing life. He has raised four children, three of them have become doctors. He started his own business from scratch and eventually had over 400 employees. But best of all, he spends his retired years speaking to schools. I am almost 30 years old and this was the first time I have ever met a Holocaust survivor, and it is a story I will never forget.

Tuckaleechee Caverns

Each year we go to the Tuckaleechee Caverns. Here is a quick video of the trip.

Tuckaleechee Caverns from Jordan Haney on Vimeo.

Track and Field Day 2011

Take a look at this year’s track and field day. Four of my students helped by taking pictures and videoing. Here are the highlights of the day.

Track and Field 2011 from Jordan Haney on Vimeo.

Buddy Bands Sale

Every year the K-Kids have a fundraiser. This year we had planned on raising money to help people in Africa make clean water. But with the recent tornado disasters in our state and Alabama, the K-Kids decided to donate the money to the American Red Cross. Last year, we raised over 700 dollars by selling 25 cent plastic bracelets that we named buddy bands. We are hoping to break that mark this year. Here are the commercials our K-Kids club made to promote the sale. Our school news plays them during their morning show.

K-Kids Opening Commercial from Jordan Haney on Vimeo.

K-Kids Commercial 1 from Jordan Haney on Vimeo.

K-Kids Commercial 2 from Jordan Haney on Vimeo.

K-Kids Commercial 3 from Jordan Haney on Vimeo.

K-Kids Commercial 4 from Jordan Haney on Vimeo.

K-Kids Commercial 5 from Jordan Haney on Vimeo.

Congratulations Mr. Sutton and Green Magnet

I can’t believe it has been a year since I found out about winning ORAU’s Classroom Makeover. I could not be more excited for Mr. Sutton and Green Magnet. (Click here for his video and article)  I know his mind must be racing about how to use the money. Last year, Mrs. Alvey’s class gave comments about their favorite technology and I used that list as a starting point. Below is my students’ vote on their favorite technology of the year.

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