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iPod Touches in the Classroom

A computer that fits in your hand. Who wouldn’t love this? Most of the students in my class last year had these amazing tools and they did love them. With the option of internet or apps, the educational uses are endless. Because my room is now wireless, students will be able to use the iPod Touches anywhere the wireless connection takes them. The students will be using the iPod Touches to work on apps. Most of the apps I have download were free and include topics from every subject. Here is a list of some of the apps I plan on using: Pop Math Lite (free), Brain Thaw Lite (free), Comic Touch Lite (free), Word Press (free), RSS Reader (free), Google Maps (free),  and Brain Quest Fifth Grade (.99). The students will also be using the app iBooks to read in our novel study class. My goal for these incredible tools is to teach the students how to continue their learning outside the classroom. Because most of the students will have the iPod Touch, I hope to teach them to use it educationally and not just for entertainment in their spare time.

Using Mac Notebooks

With the addition of the Mac Airpot, the Mac Notebooks have become an irreplaceable educational machine. I can not wait to watch my students use the internet from their seats or any other place they prefer. I have been using a wireless laptop for my own personal use for years now, and it almost feels awkward to sit in the same spot every time I want to use a computer. Because of the Mac Notebooks, my students will not be confided to the “computer area” in the classroom or my classroom walls. Some of the ways I intend to use the Mac Notebooks are: blogging, wikis, educational online games, emailing epals, research, podcast, movie making, and many more. Like the iMacs, there are hundred of ways to use them but unlike the iMacs they will be able to work anywhere!

Using iMacs in the Classroom

In my opinion, the nicest looking desktop computers out there. It amazes me that these machines used to be the size of a room. Coming up with ideas for the iMac was probably the easiest of the hardwares to plan. There are endless educational websites out there including: Study Island, Carrot Sticks, Grammar Blast, and Quia. I plan on using the iMacs as a reading center during our reading block. During the reading block, students will work on reading skill by using interactive educational websites. Also, the students will be using the iMacs to blog, email their epals, podcast, create movies, prepare keynote presentations, and much more. The days of waiting in a line to use the two computers are over and I can’t wait to see what the students will create this year.

Christmas in July

On Thursday, I got to relive the feeling of Christmas morning. 80% of my order arrived at my classroom door packed tight it boxes, and the only thing that was missing was they weren’t in wrapping paper. I still can’t believe that I have actually won this money but it started to feel real as I opened the packages. Over the next couple of days, I will showcase the items I purchased and explain how I intend on implementing them into the classroom. I feel like a have a pretty good idea on how to use the items, but the best thing about technology is it could change in seconds.

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