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Well, today was quite a sticky situation, to say the least. I got so excited when I went into the back door of my classroom that I didn’t realize that the tile guys put glue on the floor. Needless to say, I ended up on the ground stuck to the floor yelling for help. Thank goodness I finally got myself unstuck, but I left a blueprint of my body on the floor for the tile guys. Sorry no pictures of this for you to view 🙁

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Today when I went to my room I got a big shock. Knox County started putting down the baseboard for the new tile. Things are really coming along!!!

New subflooring

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Today was a big day. I purchased 6 iMac computers, an iPod Touch learning lab and 25 iPod Touches, an iBook laptop, and 2 wireless airports that will enable my classroom to be totally wireless.  It’s going to take two to four weeks to arrive.  I can’t wait to experiment with these items.

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Even though school is out, I can’t stop going by my room to see what they have gotten finished. I was so excited when I walked in this afternoon. The shower that used to be in one of the corners of my room is being turned into a closet.  YEAH!!!!!!

Digging out the old

Patched and ready

My new closet!

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Today I picked out all of the storage units for my student workspaces and ordered the laminate countertop to go over the storage units.  I also got 8 rolling stools with backs that I’m sure my students are going to love sitting in while using the computers in the room.

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