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So yesterday was an amazing class for me.  I enjoyed watching you all talk about the different questions you missed on the Life Unit test and graph them.  I heard a lot of you saying that you really enjoyed seeing how the class and other classes did on the test also.  I think this is going to be a great way for you all and myself to track areas we are having problems with.  This is also going to make it super easy to go back and discuss these things, reteach them, and retest them.  Thanks for doing such a great job with this activity!!!!!

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In class on Monday we are going to do a test analysis and see how many of you missed certain questions.  This will help me see what areas we need to look at again and find a different way to possibly word the question if lots of you missed it.  So get ready to do some Math in Science in the morning….Happy Graphing!!!!

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We are about to end our unit on the Biomes of the World and move into discussing Space and The Universe.  Here are some details about the project that we are going to be doing next.  You are going to be responsible for selecting a planet and trying to sell it.  You are going to use whatever tactics possible to give your viewers information about your planet and create a pamphlet or even a short video explaining why people would want to live on your planet.   So start thinking about what planet you want to sell and brush up on your persuasive techniques because you are going to be using them!!!!!

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Some of you might have heard me discussing an amazing opportunity that is going to take place this winter.  I have been invited to speak to other Science teachers about how I use technology in my classroom.  I will mainly be discussing the Promethean ActivBoard and Expressions.  I want to do my presentation from a students view point.  Tell me your thoughts about these two key pieces of technology in my class.  If you think that are great THEN EXPLAIN WHY.   I am going to explain to these teachers how these pieces have possibly helped you in my science classroom so far this year.

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When life gives you lemons make lemonade.  Don’t for get to add the sugar!!!!!  Reguardless of your surroundings and things that occur on a daily basis in your little life make the best of it and always strive to do your best.  Today is the start to a new nine weeks.  I believe in you!!!!

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Mrs. Alvey’s Top 10 suggestions for producing your video
1.  Let your students be the stars of the show!!!!
2.  Definitely have audio you can hear in your video.
3.  Make sure you correctly upload your video when you are finished.
4.  Be Creative with all aspects of your video!!!
5. Include how you would use the new pieces of technology within your new room.
6.  Discuss the pieces of technology within your classroom and how you and your student’s use these various pieces.
7.  Working with video for the first time is a slow process; Plan on it taking more time than you have anticipated, especially when editing.
8.  Plan……Plan…..Plan…..The more planning and adhering to a plan the better off your video will be.
9.  Talk with your building level tech coordinator about helping you make your video.  If you don’t have a BLTC then talk with someone in your county’s technology department.
10.  Let your student’s come up with a theme for your video.

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